The most effective way to differentiate your bank? Head at customer engagement

Banking and insurance industries are among the most complex and sensitive in terms of managing communications with their customers. The type of requests, cumbersome processes and technical difficulties, as well as the handling of sensitive personal data, are aspects that make interactions with customers quite complex, but at the same time essential. Is it possible […]

Why are we trying to get rid of customer service operators?

Talking to a company should feel like talking to a friend. That’s why the customer service department is so important for any company today: it is the closest touchpoint with customers. Customer service operators are the voice of the company: they reflect the main values, the identity and tone of voice the brand decided to […]

The Power of Customer Service Representatives

The Company. The Customer. Each has something the other wants. There are times when the two don’t see eye to eye. The connection between the two can be hard to maintain. There is a third party that can mend the connection between the two and create a strong relationship. Customer Service Representatives. Customer Care Representatives […]

Customer Experience: The Rising Star

In the past, companies that were successful had to offer to things: Low prices High quality products and services. This model has been a staple for many years but consumers behaviors change all the time and companies must adapt to succeed. Consumers still want low prices for high quality products but a new ideology has […]